THE SPACE RESEARCH AND EXPLORATION CONSULTANCY. Good   financial   execution   for   any   aerospace   agency   would   include   utilising   an   all-encompassing understanding   of   the   actual   observed   measurements   of   the   planets   and   stars   (with   all   unprovable   and incomplete   theories   aside).   Yet   contemporary   scientific   wisdom,   when   it   comes   to   the   nature   of   the stars   and   planets,   is   largely   hit   and   miss,   not   being   able   to   successfully   cast   a   pre-exploratory   theory that accounts for their actual exploratory results. EQUUS   AEROSPACE    has   been   able   to   deliver   a   scientific   tool   for   the   field   of   space   exploration   that puts   the   planets   and   stars   soundly   placed   in   a   practical,   realistic,   and   commercially   viable   exploratory context,   a   tool   that   achieves   a   more   substantiated   and   practical   link   between   the   known   field   forces, thus    arriving    at    a    more    substantiated    and    practical    set    of    predictions    for    space    research    and exploration   than   any   other   scientific   tools   and   theories   currently   in   play.   That’s   a   recipe   of   success any space agency shouldn’t be without. The   impact   of   science   and   technology   on   civilisation   and   nature   is   huge.   It   can’t   be   ignored.   If science   is   using   an   incorrect   use   of   words   to   observed   data   and   thus   reaches   incomplete results,   everything   becomes   a   fail   compared   to   what   is   achievable   no   matter   how   well   we’ve convinced   ourselves   we   can   do   no   better   than   what   we   have   already.   We   should   begin   to   judge our   abilities   with   the   bigger   picture   in   mind,   now   that   we   are   a   planet   as   a   people;   of   course this   is   considered   by   many,   yet   science   particularly,   its   technological   fruits   and   where   it   leads us,   needs   to   pay   close   attention   to   its   social   and   natural   footprint,   how   well   or   how   poorly planned.   Any   scientist   and   politician   would   know   that   to   call-back   on   ideas   in   science   and politics,   ideas   that   worked   well   in   the   past   to   keep   the   sanity   and   peace   of   a   world   safe,   to   call- back   because   of   the   adverse   impact   on   nature   of   those   processes…   a   tough   call,   too   tough not   to   honour   the   name   of   human   development   in   a   time   that   still   hadn’t   understood   the   atom. There’s   only   one   solution;   improve   science   and   politics,   improve   our   awareness   of   reality   and the   impact   we   are   having   to   keep   our   need   to   be   alive   strong,   to   believe   in   that,   and   to   be vocal   about   that,   unafraid.   Venturing   into   space   shouldn’t   be   a   race   with   the   mere   techs   we have   today,   yet   a   well-planned   process   of   getting   the   logic   and   objective   right   from   day   one, as that’s how history judges any great constitution. Our   aim   is   to   help   make   those   who   make   use   of   this   consultation   more   successful,   more   efficient,   less wasteful.…to   exercise   a   greater   and   more   scientific   use   of   time,   to   be   well   regarded   in   research   and exploration   from   day   one   by   those   in   generations   ahead.   For   any   people   who   seek   to   be   great,   the idea   is   to   succeed,   to   rise   above   not   others   with   a   shot   in   the   dark,   yet   past   failures   of   policy,   both scientific   and   political.   We   should   closely   examine   the   elephant   in   the   room,   the   real   elephant,   namely the   impact   of   science   and   technology,   and   that   associated   political   wealth   machine,   on   our   world   and how   that   can   be   improved.   It’s   how   future   generations   will   judge   this   time,   as   much   as   we   stand   by constitutions   with   great   initial   processes   in   play   and   that   patriotism   which   is   expected   of   any   great beginning. EQUUS   AEROSPACE    is   a   consultancy   firm   that   advises   on   best-approach   practices    to   the   planning and   execution   of   space   research   and   exploration.   The   following   pages   present   as   much   data   as possible as an overview of what the consultancy offers. STEPHEN H. JARVIS, DIRECTOR, EQUUS AEROSPACE        Copyright © 2015 EQUUS AEROSPACE. All rights reserved. EQUUS AEROSPACE PTY. LTD. ACN: 156 061 791