THE THEORY The   key   feature   to   the   consultancy   offered   is   the   use   of   a   new   scientific   application    that   adds   more   granularity   to   the definition   of   time.   Contemporary   sciences   understand   time   to   be   one   dimensional,   yet   the   lens   of   thought   employed   by Equus   Space   takes   the   idea   of   time   to   the   level   of   an   “algorithm”   in   line   with   the   golden   ratio.   This   feature   of   time   is   then applied   to   all   known   theoretical   constructs   of   physics.   Using   the   golden   ratio   was   considered   intuitive,   as   it   forms   the   basis for   the   Fibonacci   sequence,   a   feature   found   everywhere   in   nature   as   a   process   of   the   natural   “development”   that   nature constructs for itself “in time”; so it made sense. To   achieve   this,   a   first   principle   basis   for   time   as   the   golden   ratio    was   theorised.   This   was   then   applied   as   an   “arrow   of time”   algorithm   (before>now>after)   to   a   standard   definition   for   three-dimensional   space   that   aligned   with   the   known equations   for   gravity   and   electromagnetism,   together   with   the   known   formula   for   the   electron   shells   of   the   atom.   Upon this   a   basic   wave-function   for   time   was   developed   (in   space)   with   the   understanding   that   from   every   point   of   time   in space,   time   would   move   per   light   speed   in   an   omnidirectional   fashion,   and   thus   per   the   mathematics   of   a   perfect   sphere in   uniform   space.   Upon   this   premise,   it   was   determined   that   the   newly   derived   wave-function   for   time   would   ultimately need   to   abide   by   the   parameter   of   a   “circle”   in   a   complex   number   plane   along   each   axis   of   space   (the   use   of   a   complex number   plane   was   an   intuitive   consideration   given   the   DNA   of   the   algorithm   for   time).   Once   this   entire   primordial   basis   for time   and   space   was   established,   it   was   applied   to   all   known   ideas   in   physics,   and   the   results   are   nothing   short   of   amazing, while also being “problematic” for contemporary theories regarding the origin and age of the universe. Using   this   lens   of   thought   nonetheless,   this   common   thread   of   “time”   and   the   associated   algorithm,   gravity   has   been linked   with   electromagnetism   in   a   way   standard   string   theory   could   not   achieve,   and   thus   a   mechanism   for   generating gravity   from   electromagnetism   a   distinct   probability.   Yet   most   importantly,   this   new   lens   of   appraising   time-space   allows one   to   compare   what   is   good   science   and   what   is   just   pure   conjecture,   and   thus   what   is   a   good   research   and   exploration adventure, and what is poised to fail.        Copyright © 2012 EQUUS AEROSPACE PTY. LTD. All rights reserved. ACN: 156 061 791