PUBLICATIONS PAPER PUBLISHED: GRAVITY’S EMERGENCE FROM ELECTRODYNAMICS ABSTRACT: A new approach to understanding the fundamental particles and associated forces via a new a-priori definition for space and time is forwarded, and is then linked to contemporary equations for Gravity and Electromagnetism; space as an infinitesimal universal “0”-scalar manifold, and “time” as the “feature” that divides and “qualifies” each 0-scalar spatial reference is discussed. Further, the idea of gravity as an emergent quality of electromagnetism (which here is given the spectra of “time” itself) is examined by assuming 3- dimensional space as the “fine-structure 0-scalar manifold” while considering "time" as the “symmetry- breaking” principle of entropy “effecting” space. Consequently, the fundamental idea of an "equation" from one event in time to the next is rendered unreliable owing to the nature of the movement of time and its effect on space (as a process of “symmetry-breaking”), which then opens to a new mathematical method of applying the concept of time as the “Golden Ratio” equation to spatial transformations. By this process a link between gravity and electromagnetism is established, together with an explanation for the genesis of the four field forces via explaining atomic particle congress, ultimately as the development of electron shell modeling precisely to the Rydberg formula and associated ideas of quantum entanglement, finally explaining the idea of “inflation theory” as a feature of the golden ratio equation for time. DATE OF SUBMISSION: 15th April 2017 AUTHOR: Stephen H. Jarvis. DOWNLOAD LINK: PAPER PUBLISHED: GOLDEN RATIO AXIOMS OF TIME AND SPACE ABSTRACT: This sequel to “Gravity’s Emergence from Electrodynamics” will more closely examine the process of time as the Golden Ratio equation when applied to space, more than developing electrodynamic wave-function equations, but setting an axiomatic base for the Golden Ratio as time when applied to space. Through this process we shall derive π, the fine structure constant, and the speed of light, while also confirming through these independent equations the idea of the Uncertainty Principle and Quantum Entanglement. More specifically, three fundamental things to be demonstrated here using the Golden Ratio algorithm of time will be deriving the dipole of magnetism, the electrical monopole field, and their relation to the Golden Ratio in creating the basis for the Fine Structure Constant, charge of the electron, the speed of light, and the subatomic multi-traits of the elementary particles. In confirming the need to explain the reason for the upgraded axioms for time and space, a general criticism of contemporary physics’ current use of space and time and its limitation given the entirely hypothetical nature of the resultant cosmic modeling theory regarding a multiverse and its endless possibilities is presented. The solution to this problem is explained using a more solid definition for time as the Golden Ratio, more thoroughly presented here in the context of the initial paper “Gravity’s Emergence from Electrodynamics” [1]; the first paper was a general overview of the new a-priori for time, while this second paper examines all the generalizations and assumptions presented in the first paper, reaching ultimate theoretical axioms for time in the context of space. DATE OF SUBMISSION: 26th June 2017 AUTHOR: Stephen H. Jarvis. DOWNLOAD LINK: PAPER PUBLISHED: THE EMERGENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS FROM CHAOS ABSTRACT: The idea of consciousness emerging from chaos is not a new idea. In fact, it is one of the oldest ideas of philosophy. What makes it an important idea to herald here (in the context of quantum gravity and a new type of string theory incorporating the Golden Ratio) is how the idea has been derived, namely from “chaos theory” sprung from two key preliminary papers [1][2]. This third paper shall take up from where the second paper [2] left off. Here, we shall explain the Schrodinger equation for light, and then present an improved equation for the energy of a photon, then confirm the emergence of light from the atomic level represents a well-known equation for chaos theory, the “logistic map equation”. From there we shall present the idea of consciousness as a need for this system of time and space to resolve the disparity between light and particle location, together with the need to reach an exact value for “π” (as was the basis for the axioms of time upon space in the development of the atom in the second paper). A list of features of this proposal of consciousness as an emergent entity will be presented that describes well-known features of the idea of our own ability to reason and be aware. DATE OF SUBMISSION: 4th July 2017 AUTHOR: Stephen H. Jarvis. DOWNLOAD LINK: PAPER PUBLISHED: PHI-QUANTUM WAVE-FUNCTION CRYSTAL DYNAMICS ABSTRACT: In this development upon three previous papers [1][2][3], we shall explain how Phi-Quantum Wave-Function crystal constructs emerge from the elementary particle level, in being associated to electron shells, and how they then through a fractal progression develop to a macro-world scale per a golden ratio sequence of atomic association while establishing an equation for the Avogadro number and associated formulation of the background microwave radiation and red-shift effect. The emphasis of this paper is to highlight the continued utility of the golden ratio modeling for time, the great implication being the need to understand “spatial contraction” (not “time-dilation”) to satisfy ideas of relativity forwarded by Einstein a century ago. We shall highlight how this is possible by examining the phi-quantum wave-function scale as a new wave-function template for electromagnetism, as initially developed in Golden Ratio Axioms for Time and Space [2], now carried and further developed here to explain spatial contraction and associated elementary particle dynamics (including particle spin and anti-matter/particles dynamics). In considering this phi-quantum wave-function scale, we will then finally uncover the problematic process of the Cartesian coordinate system of mathematical execution for space and improbability of the Planck scale of determination. DATE OF SUBMISSION: 27th July 2017 AUTHOR: Stephen H. Jarvis. DOWNLOAD LINK: PAPER PUBLISHED : TIME AS ENERGY ABSTRACT: In this development upon four previous papers [1][2][3][4], we shall finally explain the link between the idea of “time” and “energy”, in bringing the idea of parity between time and energy while explaining why quantum entanglement [5] as a concept is “immediate” (seeming to break the confines of time itself). First, we shall integrate the idea of time as energy into all the references made regarding energy in the four preceding papers, to demonstrate the consistency and greater detail available to the theory via this method of time-energy regard. Then, we shall derive the temperature of the background microwave radiation [6] in expanding upon paper 4, implementing the idea of “enthalpy” to a general entropic background manifold of energy congress. Finally, we will then be able to propose the nature of the appearance of the universe of stars in this new context, through this new filter of time-energy regard. DATE OF SUBMISSION: 26th November 2017 AUTHOR: Stephen H. Jarvis. DOWNLOAD LINK: PAPER PUBLISHED: THE RELATIVITY OF TIME ABSTRACT: In this development upon five leading papers [1][2][3][4][5], the idea of the “relativity of time” shall be fully addressed, providing the rationale to how the overall manifold of time-space would perform regarding entropy and enthalpy, including in this description the model of consciousness proposed in paper 3 [3]. First, the idea of “subject” and “object” shall be presented regarding the time-relativity description, in explaining the role of consciousness in this process (given paper 3’s finding of consciousness being the logical emergence from chaos, the aim here arriving at fundamental features of consciousness that would already be apparent to our known traits of consciousness). More to this, more texture shall be provided to the explanation of the flow of time, detailing how time being relative in space according to the golden ratio has two features, namely “cause” and “effect”. Through examining cause and effect regarding time, an “end-zone” region of time-space shall be examined, the mechanics there as gravity/mass breaks down, and the idea of stellar quantum-entanglement, giving rise to a seemingly endless “image” of the stars. Following this, the idea of consciousness will be brought in to this new overall plane of time-space, in which a model of human consciousness will be forwarded. Through this discussion, ideas central to the red-shift effect, carbon dating, and the dimensions of the perceived galaxy will be forwarded, supported with accepted experimental findings. Finally, three new mechanisms of proof shall be proposed. DATE OF SUBMISSION: 8th January 2018 AUTHOR: Stephen H. Jarvis. DOWNLOAD LINK: PAPER PUBLISHED: GOLDEN RATIO ENTROPIC GRAVITY: GRAVITATIONAL SINGULARITY FIELD TESTING ABSTRACT: In taking up from the preliminary papers [1][2][3][4][5][6] regarding the golden ratio algorithm for time, specifically paper 5 [5] regarding entropy and enthalpy, and paper 6 [6] regarding the golden ratio algorithm for the idea of the relativity of time, the key focus of this paper is the process of gravity emerging from electrodynamics and how that can be demonstrated per experiment. First, the nature of gravity as an emergent feature as per the golden ratio time-algorithm is discussed, highlighting mathematically its nature in space as a “singularity” that allows for the idea of kinetic energy, a feature known to co-exist with the idea of gravity. Two key experiments for gravity emerging from electrodynamics are then proposed, tested, the results of which then discussed, shedding new and important light on current “RF Resonant Cavity Thruster (EM-drive)” research. DATE OF SUBMISSION: 26 April 2019 AUTHOR: Stephen H. Jarvis. DOWNLOAD LINK: PAPER PUBLISHED: THE GOLDEN RATIO TIME ALGORITHM ABSTRACT: The idea that time is concordant to our perception in our frame of temporal reference yet different to another person’s frame dependent on motion, as Einstein outlined in his work of general and special relativity, is essentially stating that we are conscious according to the parameters of space-time and how that flows dependent on what our reference of relative motion is. Yet is there a scientific mathematical link between frames of time as a relativity of time in space? Surely in not considering how each frame of time reference can be linked mathematically, all the facets of physical reality in time as “equations” of time will not match up, such as most basically gravity and electromagnetism? This paper, a follow-on from seven previous papers [1][2][3][4][5][6][7] will present firstly the historical notions we have of time in science, as applied to scientific congress, and then discuss those problems that have been presented to us in using that axiom of time definition, most importantly that not knitting together those temporal notions presents us with a mathematics of space and mass and energy that are never knitted as mathematical equations in time yet only in using Einstein’s equation of e = mc 2. So, a new axiom for time is presented as an algorithm that can knit together much of what we know of physical scientific data, including Einstein’s well-known equation. The quest of this paper is to demonstrate that it is possible to marry up electromagnetism with gravity using a common mathematical “function” for time universal in space, as temporal relativity, despite it offering a new set of equations for known physical data. Then finally a process of “proof” is offered for this new regard for time, as gravity emerging from electrodynamics. DATE OF SUBMISSION: 6 May 2019 AUTHOR: Stephen H. Jarvis. DOWNLOAD LINK: PAPER PUBLISHED: THE PHYSICS CHIMERA ABSTRACT: In this paper the entire spectrum of the recent modern history of the Standard Model of physics shall be presented and examined and exposed for upholding a “chimera” concept which has prevented physics from joining electromagnetism with gravity as theoretical and physical field driven entities. This chimera will be exposed to be “inertia”, the bane of relativity, otherwise leading to absurd conclusions in ultimate equations of field forces across the expanse of space and time. A “fix” to this chimera is proposed, as a new concept for time examining bodies in motion, namely the idea of time as “the” most fundamental concept in space, from which the golden ratio “scaling system” shall be once again calculated from this new primordial level of conception and bodies-in-motion relationship. From those calculations of the golden ratio scaling system for time, the idea of space will become apparent as an emergence from the dimension of time, and most importantly how time behaves as light in regard to space. Upon that emergent platform of space, a list of all the features derived from the golden ratio algorithm shall be once again be brought to attention as per the previous papers [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8], highlighting these derived schemes as the mechanisms of “proof” for this new theory, as data and equations derived from first principles that then confirm what has been found through extensive historical scientific research. Such shall highlight the fundamental failure of the idea of “inertia” in physical equations and expose those equations as the “chimera” of modern-day physics. DATE OF SUBMISSION: 9 June 2019 AUTHOR: Stephen H. Jarvis. DOWNLOAD LINK: PAPER PUBLISHED: THE CONCEPTION OF TIME ABSTRACT: In this paper, a follow-on from papers 1-9 [1-9], the idea of consciousness as a feature of the process itself of scientific inquiry shall come to attention; here, as per the previous papers and in alliance with contemporary notions of the idea of consciousness and time, the idea of “consciousness” shall be presented as the ideal “fixed” frame of reference with time, going a step beyond the concept both Descartes and Einstein assumed in their works as a requirement of scientific theory genesis for the ideas of time and space, and above all “our required ability to exercise certain conscious functions to fully utilise the associated theory of time and space”. Ultimately, this proposed model of consciousness shall be demonstrated to not only abide with contemporary models of consciousness and thought, yet take those ideas a step ahead, as much as the new theory for time and space presented here as the golden ratio algorithm for time is being considered as a step ahead of contemporary ideas in physics. The aim here is not to change the impetus of our thinking, our philosophizing, or our world-view, yet to assess how a new theory of time and space aligns with a new ability, a new exercise of our conscious ability, to achieve that ability, to theorize time and space anew, as a step ahead of what has been previously thought possible in defining not just time, yet that tagged reference to time as consciousness. DATE OF SUBMISSION: 24 June 2019 AUTHOR: Stephen H. Jarvis. DOWNLOAD LINK: creative commons license Copyright © 2012 EQUUS AEROSPACE PTY. LTD. All rights reserved. ACN: 156 061 791