RESEARCH The new application tool per the 10 pre-print published papers has achieved the following results: linking all the field force equations in the context of a new algorithm for time. deriving all the key field force equations and associated constants. deriving the correct weights and measurement ratios for the atom, electron shells, and elementary particles. deriving Avogadro’s number. deriving the key cosmological distances of the observed Galaxy and Universe. deriving the cosmic microwave background radiation. deriving the red-shift effect. explaining the link between entropy and enthalpy in a steady state system. All specific results are detailed in the concluding section of each published paper: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: Upon these results, the new application tool has arrived at the following conclusions: Much of what we understand of star-light is highly misunderstood if not inaccurate, despite the richness of the stars appearance when viewed with high powered telescopes. The planets themselves have a geology representative of a past that if known better in the context of this golden-ratio (Fibonacci sequence) application for time can allow scientists and explorers to be better prepared and more strategic in their research endeavours. With the right technology, gravity emerging from electromagnetism is a provable fact. Pending research results and predictions are as follows: James Webb telescope prediction for the value of maximum red shift (z = ~ 21): - results due late 2019 EM cavity thruster - Copyright © 2012 EQUUS AEROSPACE PTY. LTD. All rights reserved. ACN: 156 061 791