ABOUT EQUUS SPACE , the primary research and development branch of Equus Aerospace Pty. Ltd. , has realised the potential of using this new theory and associated approach to science by offering this consultation service to agencies interested in a more efficient and successful outcome-based approach to their space exploration and research ventures. The strike rate of what the new tool can achieve is nothing short of phenomenal, bridging ideas contemporary science has not even come close to (owing to their current definition of time and required complex mathematical algorithms), and making predictions on a theoretical basis no other theory and research team has achieved. The new theory is the work of theorist Stephen H. Jarvis , Director of Equus Aerospace Pty. Ltd. , whose professional background is in medical science. Although medical science may seem distant to theoretical physics, the idea of applying mathematics to biological studies has assisted in generating the new mathematical tool for the idea of “time” which, as results show, have deep ramifications for how not only our biology works, yet also what the structure of what we perceive can only be in terms of time and space, as a logical construct, namely the structure of space and time, as based on our biologically related perception ability. EQUUS SPACE is based in Sydney Australia, yet is enabled to provide its consultation services globally. For all correspondence please use the following email: shj@equusspace.com Copyright © 2012 EQUUS AEROSPACE PTY. LTD. All rights reserved. ACN: 156 061 791